1,000 Sook Food & Farm that brings more than 1,000 happiness

Pansuk shop, souvenir shop which is not only good for souvenirs But it's a souvenir shop that creates happiness that actually.

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Anyone who visits Cha Am knows that there are a lot of souvenir shops. Accidentally, it will be more than the gas station. Each souvenir shop sells the same thing. People who drive back and forth through Cha-am will know it well.

But today, we are happy to tell you that We found a souvenir shop that was completely different from other souvenir shops. because in addition to selling souvenirs There are still many activities to do here. I think that many people would want to know each other. My heart is broken. So let's get to know each other a little more about this place. where is this place And what's in it?

First of all, I have to tell you the name of this place. This place is called, 1000 Sook Food & Farm (1000 Sook Food & Farm), located in the area Along Petchkasem Road Inbound to Bangkok, Santorini Park, Cha-am and Premium Outlet Cha-am, which if you keep driving. We will be eye-catching with American-English country style buildings that are strikingly colorful. and a big chicken symbol here.
Pansuk Shop Open every day

Monday - Friday open from 08.00 - 20.30

Saturday - Sunday and public holidays open from 08.00 - 21.00

Here are served both savory and sweet food of various nationalities, both Thai and foreign, the taste is delicious, definitely satisfying the taste of tourists. because Thai food tastes very good But it won't be so spicy that you can't eat it. In addition to having a variety of menus to choose from. There is also a dessert booth to try for free. If anyone likes something You can go shopping while waiting for your food because it's in an adjacent zone. The souvenir that is famous here is Rose layered dessert. I would like to say that it's very soft and smooth. Good smell, sweet and just right. Don't miss it! Most importantly, they made a lot of flavors. Every flavor is delicious. Confirm!!
After shopping Have a good meal When the money comes out, let me tell you that the price is not expensive compared to the taste and atmosphere in the store. Importantly, if you spend 200 baht, you will receive 1 free farm ticket. Very worthwhile!! (If anyone is not convenient to go to the farm that day You can collect coupons for later use. They have an expiration date on the card. But it's been several months.)
But we are always convenient Let's visit the farm now. which during the walk We can take pictures from every angle. Because here they decorate the place very cute. A million chickens. Let's go. And really cute at every point, while still excited about the place outside when walking to the entrance of the farm Oh... so cute Inside the farm there are sheep, rabbits, horses and alpacas, but if anyone wants to feed them. can buy more at the service point In addition to having animals There are still many lovely photo spots. How much memory do you have? Let's go to the max, Khun Kham. The memory is not full, we won't go home.
This weekend If anyone passes by Cha Am - Hua Hin, don't forget to visit Pansuk shop. Then you will know souvenir shop which is not only good for souvenirs. But it's a souvenir shop that creates happiness that actually.
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