Cha-am beach, sea near Bangkok, famous beach in Phetchaburi

Places to visit near Bangkok such as Phetchaburi, which has been famous since the past, apart from Hua Hin, it must be Cha-am

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Places to visit near Bangkok such as Phetchaburi, which has been famous since the past, apart from Hua Hin, it must be Cha-am, and the famous beach probably cannot escape this Cha-am beach.

Cha-am Beach, Phetchaburi Beach, Relax and Chill, Close to Bangkok

Cha Am Beach is in Cha Am District, Phetchaburi Province. It is the most beautiful and famous beach area of Phetchaburi. No matter who must know for sure, this Cha-am beach is an important tourist attraction that has it all. Because there are both seafood restaurants, beach accommodation, many services. Including seaside activities that can be done chilling, such as cycling along the beach road Play banana boat, scooter and horseback riding around. sure enough beach.

Origin of Cha Am Beach

Which the King Rama VI is very fond of Phetchaburi. Until the Royal Camp Bang Talu was built at Chao Samran Beach, but at Bang Talu Subdistrict Flies are abundant. So there was more construction. Move to the south of the Phetchaburi coast. This is the area of Cha-am Beach, sure enough. is the construction of the Summer Palace built from teak which this palace is Maruekhathaiyawan Palace, by the area of the palace will protrude into the sea as well It's very beautiful.

In fact, in the past, Cha-am was only a sub-district. not famous But after Hua Hin became famous All the land on the coast has been reserved. make various senior masters Had to find a new place to rest. which HRH Prince Narathip Prapunphong He was an innovator who saw that Cha-Am Beach was as beautiful as Hua Hin. Cha-am has been known since then.
Nowadays, Cha-am Beach is another popular vacation destination for tourists. Every Wednesday at Cha Am Beach There will be a campaign to close the beach umbrellas. For tourists to truly experience the beauty of the sea as well. How are you? with the famous beach of Phetchaburi No wonder why this place is still a forever beach destination.

Getting to Cha Am Beach

If coming from Bangkok Take Highway No. 35 (Thonburi-Pak Tho or Rama 2 route) and drive straight through Samut Sakhon, Samut Songkhram and Pak Tho district. Then turn to Highway No. 4 to Phetchaburi Province. then go straight Cha-Am will be on the left hand side. But I haven't reached the beach yet. Turn left for another 2 kilometers to meet Cha Am Beach.

Information on Cha-Am Beach, Phetchaburi

  • Address: Ruamchit Road, Cha-am Subdistrict, Cha-am District, Phetchaburi Province
  • Location: Link to Google Map
  • Open for visits: can be visited throughout the day.

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